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Yanmar systems can be used in homes but the smallest model is 14kW. This will normally air condition around 100 square metres, so you need at least a four bedroom home for the system to operate efficiently.

If natural gas is not available in your street you can operate the air conditioner on LPG. The 14kW and 18kW Yanmar systems cost significantly more than similar electric systems, due to the cost of the gas engine. Where you might pay around $15,000 for supply and installation of a good quality electric 18kW system, the Yanmar system would be around $23,000.

You may decide to pay this premium for gas powered air conditioning because 3 phase power is not available in your street. It could be that you are seeking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or perhaps you value the running cost savings.

To find out more click on our Yanmar for Residential video below or Contact Us and let Yanmar provide you a solution for your home.

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