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With many School and University buildings being over 30 years old, the power supply is often limited, so gas powered air conditioning is an ideal solution. In a typical installation, one single 85kW outdoor unit would be used to air condition six classrooms.

People are often concerned about indoor air quality when using gas appliances in schools, but with the Yanmar system there is no gas used inside the building. Gas is only used in the outdoor unit to run the gas engine. The indoor units that provide the heating and cooling to the classrooms are powered by electricity in the normal way. This means the indoor air quality for a Yanmar system is the same as an electric reverse cycle system.

Where the electricity for the school is generated at a coal fired power station, gas powered air conditioning can provide up to a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. This can certainly help schools to demonstrate their environmental awareness to students and parents. To find out more click on our Yanmar for Schools and Universities video below or Contact Us and let Yanmar provide you a solution for your education facility.

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